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Mosinee Youth Wrestlers capture the 2nd Place Team Trophy at DC Everest Youth Wrestling Tournament on January 12, 2020.

Honoring our American Flag

Sunday, January 5, 2020

A moment captured of the wrestlers honoring our American Flag during the singing of our National Anthem.


Mosinee Youth Wrestling Tournament: Wrestlers Honoring our Flag

New MHS Competition Mat

Mosinee Wrestling

The Mosinee Wrestling Club was founded in the mid-2000s.  The club's hopes are to bring the wrestling community together to introduce the incredible sport of wrestling to our youth.   The goal is to grow a strong pipeline of wrestlers from the beginner level up to the High School level, including all levels in between.

Wrestling is a disciplined, individual sport that succeeds with  internal goals, hard work, commitment, discipline, and most importantly,  a supportive team atmosphere that starts with our coaching staff.

Our club works to create a fundamental foundation that utilizes the basic techniques of wrestling, to guide our youth athletes with success to build on year after year.


Team USA Values Implemented:

  • Responsibility - Fulfilling all functions, tasks, duties and assignments with trust and credibility on behalf of USA Wrestling by honoring promises and pledges.
  • Integrity - Being true to self and the mission of USA Wrestling, while discerning right from wrong and acting on it.
  • Dedication - Dedication to carrying out the mission and goals of USA Wrestling with the highest degree of sacrifice and discipline.
  • Honesty - Being truthful and upright with people and issues in furthering the mission of USA Wrestling.
  • Accountability - Providing answers and reasons to others for actions and behaviors intended to support the mission of USA Wrestling.
  • Respect - Recognizing the absolute dignity in every human being, with a sense of compassion, caring and concern for the well-being of other people.
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